Woodcreek Townhomes Association

The Blue Republic Services recycling cans should be placed by the curb at least four feet from regular City of Edmond green garbage container.  Please remember the Republic Recycling truck is generally in the Woodcreek Addition around 6:30 a.m. on designated Thursday pickup days.  Please put the blue bin out the night before; otherwise you’ll have to wait 2 weeks for another pickup.
Here's What You Can Recycle
Spray Cans
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil
Glass bottles
Plastic prescription drug containers
Telephone books (also Magazines)
Plastic shopping bags
Junk Mail
Plastic items
Shampoo and conditioner bottles
Tin Cans
Cardboard boxes
Here's What You Should Not Attempt To Recycle
Batteries & other hazardous materials
Motor Oil
Plastic Wrap
Kleenex and paper towels
Light Bulbs

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